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JL Audio 10w1 Subwoofers

This is my version of a Stealthbox.   JL only makes a Stealthbox that houses one 8w1 sub for this vehicle which isn't quite enough for my tastes.  Like JL's stealthboxes, this one is fiberglass, except with a wood baffle to mount the subs to. I layered the fiberglass directly in the truck, on top of a couple of layers of aluminum foil to protect the truck's interior. Once the fiberglass cured, I fused the baffle to the rear portion of the box using (you guessed it) more fiberglass. The holes in the baffle are bored so the subs are sunk into the surface a little bit. I am also still designing a trim piece to fuse to the face of the enclosure. It will give the enclosure a look that is integrated into the interior of the truck. This enclosure is sealed at an approximated .8 cu. ft total volume which is WAY smaller than recommended, however the sound is still nothing less than impressive.