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Clarion Pro Audio 920EQ

I have modified the vertical buttons on this piece so the light shows through the entire button instead of just a little label that was painted on.  I think it gives a nice effect in the night time. ;o)


This is the current location of the EQ's Hide-away box.  The EQ is the circuit board lookin' thing with all the white connectors on the left side.  It's mounted to an aluminum bracket that I fabricated, then attached to the wooden rails that are siliconed to the ceiling.  That white box is the PPI Sedona 100iX amp.
The following are images of the overhead center console that I built using fiberglass.  The console houses the CD Player and the Clarion EQ display (shown at top).
 The image above is a 3D rendering I made for the console concept to help visualize how the piece will look with the equipment mounted in place.
Here you can see the completed console installed.  The EQ display is not installed in this picture as the design has changed so that the headliner will now house the display.