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Well, here's the first of the body mods in mind for the truck.  Originally I was gonna build a complete new grille, but I soon realized how much work it was gonna be.  So, I have decided to build a snap-on cover to be used strictly for looks and show.  What you see is what you get, with the exception of the finish.  It will be smoothed out, sanded to the extreme, maybe a gelcoat, and painted to match the truck's factory paint.  This is hand-laid fiberglass, using the factory grille for the form.

These pics were taken on December 27, 1998.  The cover didn't quite make it all the way around when I made the original form, so I decided to use reinforced fiberglass resin to kinda fill in the void.  Each pic shows a top view and a side view of the corners.  The yellow arrow points out an area where the cover didnt fit quite right, and will have to be built-in from behind then sanded (more like grind) on the exterior face.