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Here's one of my amps, the Precision Power Sedona Series 460iX.  It's a 60 Watt x 4 channel amp that I use to power both sets of MB Quart speakers up front.  This pic shows it in a false floor that I was working on, but have since decided to put the amp in the ceiling as you will see in the following picture.  The next pic doesnt show the 460iX, just the 100iX; however, the 460iX is on the driver's side of the ceiling. (Or will be soon!)


This is the other amp, a Precision Power Sedona Series 100iX.  This amp is a 50 Watt x 2 channel amp that is bridged into a 4 ohm mono load yielding 180 Watts RMS.  Here you can see that it is in its home in the ceiling in my truck.  This amp pushes the JL subs.  There is the infamous overhead center console below the amp, with the Sony CDX-5090 head unit installed.